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Kate Berridge RcN PGDip HSc

Registered Nurse, Obesity & Weight Loss Coach, Bariatric Surgery Nurse

Kate knows obesity in a way that very few other people do. In the 8 years spent as a Specialist Bariatric Nurse at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, Kate walked alongside hundreds of people as they rebuilt lives that obesity had eroded.  “I know all about isolation despair, shame” She says. “I know all about the feelings of failure when people are chasing a goal that has everything stacked against winning!”.

Kate’s experience coupled with over 6 years post graduate study on weight regain following bariatric surgery led her to develop Beyond Obesity – a organisation which helps people who are struggling with their weight thorough wellness programs, workshops and one on one mentioning that interactively teach ways to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Kate believes health and happiness aren’t goals on some unattainable horizon. They are in the right here, right now – happiness is an inside job.

  • Extensive experience of the psychological mind traps associated with weight loss
  • Strategies for dealing with emotional and psychological triggers
  • Engaging, inclusive and empathetic manner

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