Dr Anna Rolleston

Motivational Speaker and Devoted Health Professional

Anna is Director of the Centre for Health in Tauranga. She has a soapbox and she likes to stand on it and have her say. If you’ve ever been to one of Anna’s presentations you’ll know what we mean. Sounds scary doesn’t it?! Well don’t be scared because what Anna cares most about is you…and your health…and the health of your family. Anna’s vision is of a healthcare system that works for you and with you. Where you are the power in your health world, where you are fully informed of your choices and where you get to choose your own pathway to better health and well-being. “No-one wants to be sick.” Says Anna. “Our service provides options to prevent ill-health and to manage conditions like heart disease and diabetes in an innovative way”. Anna’s big on innovation. In fact it was Anna’s drive to be innovative that has created a health centre that looks to integrate worlds, combine knowledge and present a new approach for health. “We all have belief systems; we all have ways of being. Those systems and ways dictate the way we look after ourselves”.

Anna combines a robust scientific and academic background with an understanding that change comes from within, and that we often need a good deal of support to facilitate that change. She is an inspiring speaker whose honest and upfront message about health and taking personal responsibility for your own health arouses  motivation in her audiences.

  • Up-front and honest information about health and health risks
  • Communicates complicated medical information in an simple and relevant way
  • Engaging speaker
  • Passion for health and providing quality medical guidance for all New Zealanders

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