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Women-Only Retreat Packages

3 Day Taster

Time to unwind and relax with good, healthy nutrition rich food and the space to focus on your health goals.

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7 Day Renewal

Kick start your weight loss and detoxification journey by spending seven days immersing fully into a healthy lifestyle.

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10 Day Intensive

Significant weight-loss kick start, detox and intensive education to ensure you leave with the knowledge you need.

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2 Week Transformation

Become the best version of you, an extended retreat for committed women who are serious about making lasting changes.

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3 Week Life Changer

Create the new you with new habits and a better way of living that will significantly change your life and health.

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Book Spa Treatments on Your Affordable Weight Loss Retreat at Luxurious NZ Resort

We were told that once we turned 30, everything would go downhill. Our breasts would lose their perkiness, our tummies would protrude or sag and everything we ate would “stick” to us like glue. Just because it may be physiologically more difficult to shed extra weight as we age, doesn’t mean we need to throw in the towel. With dedication and work, you can improve your fitness and overall health no matter your age or size.

Since 2012, Resolution Resorts has facilitated long-term success through our highly focused, no-temptation, affordable weight loss retreats. Live-in, all-inclusive retreat packages at our secluded resorts in Tauranga, NZ are available in 3, 7, 10, 14, 21-day programmes. You’ll enjoy wellness workshops, delicious food, and luxurious accommodation, within a safe and judgement-free environment.

Stay at Affordable Weight Loss Resorts with Resolution Retreats

Despite being in a gorgeous natural setting, we aren’t here to “commune with nature”. We offer pragmatic programs that guide you on a journey of self-discovery with the intention of helping you uncover what impedes your weight loss. We then work with you to develop practical plans to address these roadblocks to your success.

Our affordable weight loss resort brings nutrition, activity, wellness treatments, therapies, and education together into a focused, research-based programme. On arrival, you’ll receive a tailored meal plan with a motivational journal. Your individualised retreat schedule includes yoga classes, cooking classes, anatomy lessons, motivational activities, and personal training as well as plenty of time for self-reflection.

An experience with Resolution Retreats is designed as part weight loss, part luxurious spa treatment. You’ll stay in one of five private villas fitted with king-size beds, fine linen, heated floors, and Jacuzzi. Take a dip in our geothermal-heated mineral water pool for a soothing relief of your aching muscles and joints. Afternoon walks along the bush reveal breath-taking views and gorgeous waterfalls; be sure to book a spa appointment at our on-site beauty therapy clinic for pampering treatments.

We’ve sat down with hundreds, perhaps thousands of women just like yourself. We can attest that programme features that work for some don’t work for others. We use our extensive experience to suggest program enrolment with features best suited to your personality, your struggles, and your abilities. This creates an individualised experience during the small-group retreat where each programme component is designed to meaningfully assist you on your journey.

Success Through Mind-Body Reset

We believe that successful weight-loss is contingent upon mental wellness, not boot-camp antics. You can exercise daily, but if your mind is stuck in the same destructive eating habits, you’ll never reach your goals. At our affordable weight loss retreats, we help you discover the root of your mental roadblocks and implement practical solutions to address the issues and establish new behaviour patterns.

Unlike other full-immersion experiences, our dynamic weight loss spa treatment retreats offer follow-up support via the members-only Resolution Support Network, an online group of women’s wellness professionals and past participants. In addition, guests of our 7, 10, 14, and 21-day retreats are given a personalised fitness plan for continued home use. This helps you stay on track by providing refreshers, tips, motivation, and a structured plan that’s easy to follow. Talk to our encouraging team to book your experience, ask questions and hear more about our programme guarantees.