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Women-Only Retreat Packages

3 Day Taster

Time to unwind and relax with good, healthy nutrition rich food and the space to focus on your health goals.

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7 Day Renewal

Kick start your weight loss and detoxification journey by spending seven days immersing fully into a healthy lifestyle.

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10 Day Intensive

Significant weight-loss kick start, detox and intensive education to ensure you leave with the knowledge you need.

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2 Week Transformation

Become the best version of you, an extended retreat for committed women who are serious about making lasting changes.

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3 Week Life Changer

Create the new you with new habits and a better way of living that will significantly change your life and health.

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Support Your Mental Health and Find Yourself at Weekend Wellness Retreats in NZ

Life moves quickly. Each year a new gadget makes daily tasks easier, often by producing information faster. These gains come at a price. We are often more irritable, less patient and yet also increasingly dependent on these gadgets. Today’s phones, with their computer-sized capacities, facilitate a constant connectedness and an inability to ‘switch off’.

We’ve developed a constant virtual connection that creates interpersonal demands in the real world. The time once reserved for self-care is chipped away by obligations. The work week, for instance, never ends when your boss can email and message all weekend and expect a timely response. It can seem impossible to juggle everything.

Dynamic and Personalised Find Yourself Retreats with Resolution Retreats

Sometimes, it takes a retreat to reset and find yourself. Weekend wellness retreats with Resolution Retreats are the soul-searching reset needed to see you rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to jump back into our gadget-dominated society. We offer all-inclusive, fully-immersive mental health retreats in NZ on a breath-taking, secluded spa resort.

Our mental health retreat in NZ is in Tauranga, just an hour’s flight from Wellington and two hours from Christchurch. We are easily accessible by plane from Australia via Auckland. You’ll stay on a pristine property shielded from the demands of metropolitan life. Select from 3, 7, 10, 14, and 21-day find yourself retreats where yoga, personal training, nutritious food, guest speakers, wellness workshops and love-yourself pampering are the main features of your stay.

Talk to our encouraging and motivating wellness team about the right mental and physical wellness retreat for your needs and availability. We’ve designed weekend wellness retreats, a short 3-day experience focused on resetting the unhelpful habits of the mind and body. Considered a taster to our full-bodied programmes, you’ll relax in a beautiful natural environment, attend fitness activities and demonstrations, and join wellness-education discussions. You’ll be invited on guided walks, granted access to our geothermal-heated mineral pool and afforded plenty of free time for spa treatment appointments, exploration and reflection.

Revitalising Weight Loss and Mental Health Retreats in NZ

Known for our longer weight-loss programmes, our find yourself retreats let you reset and help you get started on your health goals. We help you realise your unhelpful habits, teach you life skills including healthy cooking and safe exercise, and set practical, individualised, sustainable plans for continued success.

When you return to your daily life, you’ll have the stepping stones and tools needed to continue your efforts towards mental and physical wellness. Participants of our longer programmes are credited 12-month membership to the Resolution Support Network, an online community of wellness professionals and past guests.

Despite the success of our weight-loss retreats, we are not a boot camp. At the same time, research has proven that physical activity can help mental health. Our retreats focus on making activity enjoyable so that it will be sustainable for you. Our exercise programmes cater to your ability and are aimed at matching you with an activity schedule that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised, not exhausted and worn out. Yoga and group fitness sessions are offered daily, with bush walks and swimming encouraged. Gym equipment is also available for those who are motivated to go the extra mile.