NZMCA Day-Stay Retreat Package

Participate in all retreat activities & park your motorhome on-site with our exciting day stay NZMCA member offer.

The day-stay package is available to those who would like enjoy all the benefits of attending a retreat with us, but would prefer to arrange their own accommodation; and if you have a self contained motorhome of <7.5m, you may stay onsite to attend one of our retreats from the comfort of your motorhome. Alternatively, perhaps you may want to stay in Cambridge or you may have friends or family living close by who you would like to stay with.

All the inclusions listed for the retreat type you are interested in are included with the day stay package, with the exclusion of overnight accommodation and the Resolution Retreats Weight Loss Guarantee.

On the day stay program, you would either stay on site in your motorhome or drive to retreat each morning for our morning Yoga or fitness class (normally kicks off at 7:10am) and leave after dinner (normally 7:30pm). While you’re with us, you will enjoy all the daily retreat activities as well as having access to the beautiful retreat facilities to make yourself at home; kick back by the pool, have a sauna, relax in front of the fire in the lodge, or enjoy a good book in the library. We will have towels, a bath robe as well as some slippers available for your comfort.

Vehicles < 7.5m only. Only retreat attendees may sleep on site. Vehicle must be fully self-contained, & provide own power. Subject to availability. Standard retreat T&Cs apply. Select the day stay option when booking online and please contact us to let us know you would like to stay onsite in your motorhome.

Best womens retreat


Even before the Retreat commences, we take the time to get to know you. We find out what challenges you face, learn about your home life and family, what your goals and aspirations are.


Guidance from expert nutritionists, personal trainers and doctors, We provide a full-time facilitator who is there to support and encourage you through the experience and assist you in whatever way possible.


What exactly is this weight-loss journey all about? It’s about you, but also knowing that you are not in this alone. You will share the Retreat with a small group of like-minded women who have similar aspirations and are facing similar challenges to you.

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to help you.

Founder, Joelene

Joelene Ranby

Programme Coordinator & Founder
Organisational extraordinaire, nutritional consultant and retreat founder. She works closely with our Retreat Facilitators and Consultants, on and off retreat to ensure our guests are happy
New Zealand Retreats

Casey Mackwell

Retreat Facilitator
Casey leads our Bay of Plenty retreats and is the ‘hostess with the mostess’. She is a wealth of knowledge on health and fitness and has a special charisma which makes our guests feel right at home

Joanne Andrews

Retreat Facilitator
Joanne is a part-time facilitator on our retreats. Not only is she a busy Mum but she is a big proponent of ‘rigging yourself to win’ and is full of tips and tricks for slotting improving your health in a realistic & pragmatic way.

Claire Turnbull

Registered Nutritionist & Trained Dietitian
Claire and her Team make complicated nutritional advice easy for our guests to ‘digest’
Dr Anna Rolleston PHD

Dr Anna Rolleston PHD

Motivational Speaker & Devoted Health Professional
Anna assists our guests to re-engage with the basics in her inspirational presentation on hearts, health and happiness
Nicola Smith

Nicola Smith

Personal Trainer & Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Nicola re-introduces our guests to movement, making it easy and enjoyable
Hormone Specialist Wellness Retreat Health Retreat Weight Loss Retreats Gaia Retreat Gwinganna Retreat Escape Haven Retreats Golden Door Retreat Bali Retreats

Kathy Neale NZRN

Hormone Specialist & Clinical Nurse
Kathy helps our guests to understand how and why their bodies respond they way they do to changes in hormones and how we can make changes to get our hormones back in balance.
Kate Berridge

Kate Berridge NZRN

Specialist Obesity Clinical Nurse & Emotional Obesity Coach
Kate helps our guests dig deeper into the reasons why they do what they do and identify the emotional triggers behind body issues
Jenny Oliver

Jenny Oliver

Registered Beauty Therapist & Massage Specialist
Jenny’s helps our guests to re-balance with relaxation and her healing touch

Caroline Martelli

Make-up Artist & Beauty Formulator
Caroline make our guests sparkle and teaches them how to apply make-up to further enhance their natural beauty
Meghan Maher

Meghan Maher

International Stylist, Repertoire New Zealand
Meghan and her Team work with our guests to help them to look and feel great in their clothes
Annette at Magazine Clothing

Magazine Clothing

Stylists, Specialist Womens Clothing sizes 10-26
Annette and her Team know how to make women of any shape and size look their best

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