Vinka Wong

Registered Functional Nutritionist, Hormone Strategist, BA (Psych)

Vinka has a vast experience solving the puzzle of hormone imbalance and stubborn weightgain. For some women, stubborn weightgain can be the result of hormone imbalance. Women today are bombarded with information about what they are doing wrong with their daily health and wellbeing choices. As a busy mother, and having had her own personal health challenges, Vinka knows how tricky simple things become in modern day life. Hormone balance – or imbalance is very delicate. On our retreats Vinka undertakes a group workshop followed by optional additional one on one clinical consultations (for an additional fee) which allows her to delve deep into questions specific to you and offer a course of action to enable you to get your hormones back into balance once and for all. Are you low in Oestrogen? Are you high in Oestrogen? Are you low in Progesterone? Do you have a cortisol imbalance? Do you have gut dysfunction? Vinka can help solve your hormone puzzle.

What I Bring to the Retreat
What our guests say
What I Bring to the Retreat
  • Extensive experience in correcting individual hormone imbalances
  • Excellent at pinpointing overall body imbalances just from discussing symptoms
  • Inspiring, energetic, warm, empathetic manner
What our guests say

I wish I had this session with Vinka many years ago, it could have helped me to understand what was happening with my body and saved me a lot of heartache!

Hormone Specialist Wellness Retreat

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