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Women-Only Retreat Packages

3 Day Taster

Time to unwind and relax with good, healthy nutrition rich food and the space to focus on your health goals.

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7 Day Renewal

Kick start your weight loss and detoxification journey by spending seven days immersing fully into a healthy lifestyle.

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10 Day Intensive

Significant weight-loss kick start, detox and intensive education to ensure you leave with the knowledge you need.

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2 Week Transformation

Become the best version of you, an extended retreat for committed women who are serious about making lasting changes.

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3 Week Life Changer

Create the new you with new habits and a better way of living that will significantly change your life and health.

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Life Changing Spiritual Retreats for Ladies in NZ by Resolution Retreats

Remember when you were a child and time seemed to move slowly? An eternity passed between birthdays, and holidays never came fast enough. Then you grew up and suddenly deadlines come too quickly, there’s never enough time to get everything done and you fanaticise about a single free day to do nothing at all.

Resolution Retreats hosts life-changing spiritual retreats in NZ exclusively for women. As an organisation comprised of women’s wellness professionals, we’ve designed numerous multi-day immersive experiences for our female guests. Each life changing retreat is personalised to your health needs, goals and limitations for a dynamic adventure that blends activity, demonstrations, encouragement and discussions into a revitalising programme for women of all ages and sizes.

Book a Life Changing Retreat in NZ

We’re located in Tauranga, NZ, at an all-inclusive private luxury resort. Just two hours flight from Christchurch and easily accessible by plane via Auckland, your accommodation includes a private villa with heated floors and a jacuzzi bath, as well as access to full resort amenities including the geothermal-heated mineral water pool. Appointments at our on-site, exclusive beauty therapy clinic are available during the ample free time you will enjoy. Be pampered with the finest spa treatments and discuss healthy skin care with our resident beauty professionals.

More than a physical break, we believe that providing tools for mental and spiritual wellness is critical to the success of any lifestyle goal. Our comprehensive women’s spiritual retreat programs include cooking classes, personal and group fitness, nutrition and anatomical education, mind-body wellness activities, guest speakers and a delectable menu.

Instead of being told what not to eat, you’ll learn what fuels your body and how much is needed. With practice, encouragement, and support, you’ll become a master at label-reading and portion control. Programmes are tailored to your goals, so contact our booking team with questions, preferences, and restrictions.

Continued support can make a big difference. Guests of our 7, 10, 14, and 21-day retreats are credited 12-month membership to our Resolution Support Network which offers continued wellness support online. In addition, we’ll craft a personalised fitness plan for home use. This will help you stay on track by providing refreshers, tips, motivation, and a structured plan that’s easy to follow.

Attainable Goals, Continued Growth, Practical Activity Plans and Tranquillity

We are not a boot camp, nor do we pack your stay with draining back-to-back activities. We understand that sustainable lifestyle changes aimed at increasing physical activity must be enjoyable. Bush walks, swimming and gym equipment are available and encouraged for use at your leisure. Our ladies retreat programmes offer daily fitness activities including group exercise opportunities, individual training, and guided yoga. Retreat schedules are tailored to your needs and interests for optimal personal relevance.

Scheduled tasks are broken up by free periods providing ample time for snacks, rest, individual exploration and use of the facility’s amenities. Guests often enjoy free periods at the fireplace, enjoying the on-site movie theatre or taking quiet time in their private accommodation. The tranquil setting provides relief from the hustle and bustle of city life and makes you forget you’re just 20 minutes from town.