The Retrain Module

Welcome to Retrain With Resolution Retreat

A healthy mind often relays to a healthy body.

With the Resolution Retreat Retrain Module, you will be provided with all the tools necessary to make positive lifestyle choices, permanent. The role of habits, stress and self-esteem within a weight loss journey is often primarily underplayed, however, it is usually the stress or emotional dis-regulation that accompany our relationships, and, home and work life, that lead us to relapse into unhealthy behaviours. Not only this but our previous long-term habits are often reinforced by our environments, making it all too easy to slip into old ways. Collaboratively, these components tempt you into self-sabotage. However, after this module, you will be fully equipped to stay on track and continue to progress with your healthy lifestyle. So, enjoy being inquisitive and exploring the feelings and circumstances that lead you to where you are now because this awareness will help you to identify and create new behavioural tools and techniques, which will bring growth and healing to an array of areas within your life.

What sets Resolution Retreats apart is the understanding and application of the importance of cognitive and appetitive psychology. What you do and learn in life physically wires and rewires how your brain works, so, grab this opportunity with both hands and invest this time into creating a positive and healthy mindset for yourself, and your body will follow.

As you learn or have a new thought, your neutrons change, they swell, sway and split- breaking connections in one spot – and shooting over to a nearby region, forming new bonds with new neighbours. While other thoughts remain the same, staying put, simply strengthening their connections with each other. It is repeating thoughts and actions, both new and old, that increase these connections, meaning they are more readily available. Can you type without thinking about where the letters are? Drive a car without thinking about the pedals and gears? These are prime examples of repetitive thoughts that started off as alien, and now, these connections are so strong you barely have to think about them. 
 Your current long-term behaviours and habits have currently shaped your brain. However, this state is changeable and trainable. After completing this Retrain module, you will be able to implement the necessary tools and knowledge to change both counterproductive health behaviours, and thoughts, to the enormous benefit of both your body and mind.

The Retrain Module will be broken down into four easy to follow components that harness our psyche; Habits, Overeating, Self Psychology And Mindfulness. Independently these will educate and guide you through your healthy lifestyle transformation, and collaboratively these will be your tools to conquer and rule every day.


Not just a weight loss retreat