Casey Mackwell

Retreat Facilitator

Casey, through her experience in the health and wellness industry, has worked with women of all ages shapes, sizes and abilities to help them achieve their health goals.

Casey is an inspirational and motivating facilitator who overcame her own health challenges to become a healthier and happier version of herself. “I realised that movement played a vital part in improving not only my physical health, but also my mental health” says Casey.  Casey’s enthusiasm for exercise lead her to become a Qualified Personal Trainer. Now she loves to help others make similar positive changes in their lives. “I’m really fortunate to be able to support the ladies who come on retreat, and to see that clarity and happiness emerge”.

Casey has a gentle, empathetic and nurturing nature which makes her a great listener, whilst offering practical solutions to encourage our guests to put their own health and happiness as a priority.

What I Bring to the Retreat
My Favorite Things
Life Goals
What our guests say
What I Bring to the Retreat
  • Warm and inclusive group leader
  • Passion for fitness and health
  • A balanced approach to healthy living
  • Inspiring Yoga instructor
  • Very easy to approach and talk to
My Favorite Things
Life Goals

Finish renovating our house and get into gardening

Start a family of my own

Take a trip to Japan and pack my snowboard

What our guests say
[us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Pat” company=”November 2018″]Casey, you are such a good listener! I feel like in another life you would have made a great councillor! [/us_testimonial][us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Jo” company=”July 2018″]Dear Casey, where do I start! You are such a kind, gentle yet motivating soul! You are wise beyond your years (that includes your music taste too![/us_testimonial][us_testimonial style=”3″ author=”Raewyn” company=”Feb 19″]Thanks for being such an inspirational retreat leader Casey! Your personal health story was really special, thanks for sharing it with us. Hopefully I can achieve a turnaround like you did! [/us_testimonial]

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