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Ten Day Intensive

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Two Week Transformation

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Three Week Life Changer

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Resolution Retreats Provides Wellness Getaways at a Gorgeous Resort Location

Each year, thousands of New Zealand women take a week or two out of the year to go on holiday as a chance to rest and recharge. These may include family trips or solo visits to far-flung locations around the world. However, for a growing number of women who feel the need to recharge and refocus on their health and well-being, wellness resorts of all varieties are becoming popular destinations that may have many constructive and profound effects on their lives. If you’d like to see how a wellness retreat could help you feel happier and healthier, read on to discover what Resolution Retreats can provide.

Make Your Next Holiday a Wellness Retreat

Have you ever had the experience where going on holiday left you feeling more frazzled and stressed out than before you left? If you’ve ever gone on family getaways where you felt like you had to act as a chaperone or caretaker for everyone else, you can likely relate. Women who are often left to shoulder these sorts of tasks, can usually nod their head in agreement.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, for a change, to go on a holiday that focuses on you and helping you transform into the healthier, happier version of yourself you’d like to be? The simple fact is that wellness retreats are far more than just another holiday. Not only can they provide you with a chance to relax within a resort setting, but they may also offer real life-changing results.

When you book a stay with Resolution Retreats, you will have the opportunity to stay at our gorgeous location in Tauranga, New Zealand for as little as three days or as long as three weeks. Within our supportive environment of women, you will have the opportunity to reach personal health goals, such as weight loss or improved fitness or stress-relief, as well as recharge your mind and take much-needed time for yourself.

Our Wellness Retreats Offer Real Transformative Experiences for Women

At Resolution Retreats, we help women work toward practical, realistic health and weight loss goals while providing a luxurious retreat experience. Our resort is 100 percent for women and run by women, meaning you can relax in a non-judgmental setting that allows you to truly be yourself and focus on your well-being. At our wellness resort, we provide the understanding, support, and encouragement you need to get healthier and feel better about yourself.

Unlike some wellness resorts, our programs are focused on achieving real-world goals and are more than just about the esoteric. All our wellness getaways lasting ten days or more also come with a weight loss guarantee, meaning you can feel confident you will see results in addition to enjoying our immersive and relaxing resort setting.

Why not make your next holiday one where you can finally focus on your health and well-being? At Resolutions Retreats, we can help you take back control of your life and your happiness. Be sure to download our free brochure to discover more and see how this year’s holiday may be one that is truly life-changing.

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