Why Resolution Retreats?

for you

Individually created for you

Because you is what makes us special.

We understand you are a real person. We are too. We know you’re not perfect. Neither are we. We have been there, seen it, experienced it or lived it. We are realistic with our approach and understand that you live in the real world.

We offer real solutions for real people with real challenges who live in the real world.

Whether or not you’re coming strictly for weight loss, Resolution Retreats will take you on a restorative journey which offers so much more than that. A chance to redefine habits and lifestyle, rediscover health and happiness, improve fitness, to restore and de-stress, re-energise and recuperate, regain your strength, rebuild your confidence. We allow you stop, take a breath and to re-focus on you.

Its time to put some effort into you … not just the kids, the husband, the housework or the job … its time to love you. You’ve only got one life, one chance to look and feel the way you’ve always wanted to, do it now! The women who have already taken the leap to come on a Resolution Retreat haven’t looked back; hear their inspirational stories.

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Focus on taking back control of your health & happiness

Your health and happiness is important. It impacts on everything you do and everyone around you. But if improving your health is just another thing on your to-do list, you’ve lost control and it all just seems to be ‘running away on you’, you’re not alone. We can help turn that bus around by giving you time, inspiration, advice and space to focus on taking back control of your health and happiness.

Our Team are specialists in women’s health and have helped hundreds of real women to achieve the individual weight loss, health and wellness goals they deserve implementing realistic, practical strategies for real life.

We focus on taking care of you – the whole package!

Download our Goal Setting Guide to get a taste of how to set realistic and effective goals.

Focus on taking back control of your health & happiness

You need time to put habits into place

‘Becoming healthier’ … ‘Eating better’ … ‘Losing weight’ … ‘Changing habits’ … Do these resolutions sound familiar?

You know it should be a priority, but these things take time. Learning new healthy recipes, designing a food plan and shopping for the right ingredients, learning to read food labels, finding a fitness routine you will enjoy and stick to, filtering out all the incorrect information in the media, and discovering “what is this ‘Quinoa’ stuff that everyone keeps raving on about?”.

When you’re already busy, you need time to put these new habits into place. Imagine going somewhere that will put all of that in front of you, teach you how, answer your questions and prioritise putting it all into practice. That’s what we do.

On our 3, 4, 7, 10, 14 and 21-day package options, we give you the time and head space to get it sorted in an understanding, supportive and encouraging environment.

You need time to put habits into place

Exclusively for women, exclusively for you …

Resolution Retreats is run by women, for women.

What exactly is this weight-loss journey all about? It’s about you, but also knowing that you are not in this alone. You will share the privacy and seclusion of the Retreat experience with a small group of like-minded women who have similar aspirations and are facing similar challenges to you. Facing these challenges together will relieve stress and anxiety and facilitate an encouraging environment. With the collective consciousness of the group, many people feel more supported and friendships are born. This encouraging environment continues post-retreat through our Resolution Support Network, where retreaters and facilitators can stay in contact to ensure lifestyle changes and group encouragement and accountability are maintained.

At Resolution Retreats, we understand that during your time of transformation with us, your privacy is paramount. Women from all walks of life – high-profile business people, busy Mums, business owners, retirees, and many more – use Resolution Retreats as their ‘healthy holiday destination’ where they disappear to get a kick of motivation, to slim down, restore their energy, and regenerate their sparkle.

Exclusively for women, exclusively for you.

Everything you need in one handy location

Resolution Retreats are held at our purpose-built multi million dollar retreat facility bordering Lake Karapiro, just south of Cambridge, New Zealand. Every detail has been thought of to ensure our ladies have the space to relax during their stay with us. We know you will just love it.

While you may feel like you’re miles from anywhere, the retreat is only 20 minutes drive from Cambridge, 40 minutes from Tauranga and Tauranga Airport, 20 minutes from Hamilton Airport, 2 hours drive from Auckland, and only a 4-hour flight from Australia (via Auckland).

We can arrange complimentary pick up and drop off from Tauranga and Hamilton Airports or local accommodations, making getting to your retreat easy!

While you may feel like you’re miles from anywhere, the retreat is only 20 minutes drive from town, and a number of iconic New Zealand walks and attractions. Options include enjoying a walk up/around Sanctuary Mountain Ecological Reserve (Mount Maungatautiri), experience some of the world’s cleanest water at the Blue Springs, take a tour of the Hobbiton movie set, or take an evening Glowworm Kayak Tour with some of your new retreat friends.  Lots of optional outings to choose from, or you could simply curl up with a good book, run yourself a bubble bath, or get pampered in your on-site Health and Wellness Centre.

Learn more about our location by downloading our brochure.

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On-site facilities

Our world-class retreat was built specifically with all the facilities you need to to return home a happier, healthier you.  An outdoor tennis court, standalone Yoga and education chalet, indoor heated swimming pool and jacuzzi, pool-side gymnasium, 2 private saunas, library, and more, set in a relaxing, peaceful and private rural New Zealand setting.

Your luxurious Accommodation Chalet is a 60sqm standalone chalet crafted from timber and local stone, with its own outdoor area, lounge, kitchenette, office, walk in wardrobe, and spacious bathroom with luxurious spa bath.  The space is both welcoming and relaxing; a private haven to escape to both rest and reflect.

Our on-site Health and Wellness Clinic offers uplifting and rejuvenating spa treatments taking care of your every need and helping you unwind during your retreat. Everybody receives at least one treatment with their retreat package, and additional appointments can be made during the retreat booking process or by contacting one of our friendly facilitators. The beauty schedule does fill up quickly, so you need to get in quick!

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Healthy food never tasted so good

We eat often. We eat good, quality food. And you will certainly not be living on a diet of lettuce and water while you’re on our retreats! (Sigh of relief? … Ahhhhhh). Our mission is to get you to fall in love with healthy food.

Your meal plan whilst on the Retreat will be designed by a Nutritionist, with your specific weight and health goals in mind. Food is cooked on-site in accordance with this meal plan and any special dietary requirements. You will also receive a personalised meal plan for when you leave the Retreat, for you to continue with at home.

Each day we have a different cooking workshop. We understand that everyone is at different levels of experience and confidence in the kitchen. Some ladies like to get their hands dirty and get involved as part of the learning process. Others prefer to sit back and watch. We encourage you to do whatever you’re comfortable with, or whatever is best for you.

Healthy food never tasted so good

Improve your overall fitness

Another thing that sets Resolution Retreats apart from other programmes is that we believe exercise should be fun and should be sustainable when you return home.

We are not a ‘boot camp’ and do not offer the ‘boot camp’ style of exercise on our Retreats. The amount of exercise we suggest is to ensure that you will improve your health and fitness, but also not leave the Retreat feeling exhausted, but instead revitalised and rejuvenated. Everybody will be at different levels of fitness, and our motivating and experienced Personal Trainers will take into consideration your current level of fitness, and your health and fitness goals when setting challenging and enjoyable exercises for you.

We normally have one Yoga session and one group fitness session each day. Everybody on the retreat has varied levels of experience with Yoga and fitness and we include variations for all confidence levels.

There are additional physical activities available such as bush walks, swimming, and some basic gym equipment available on-site for people who want a little bit more.

On our 7, 10, 14 and 21-day retreat packages, each guest receives a personalised fitness plan for their own use when they get home.

Improve your overall fitness

World-class retreat programmes

Our all-inclusive live-in retreats have been designed based on research and experience in bringing diet, exercise, treatments, therapies, therapists and education together in such a way that gives our guests the best results and the greatest opportunity to improve their lives.

Resolution Retreats will provide you with all the tools you need: small private groups, beautiful accommodation at an exclusive secluded location, healthy and delicious meals, a personal meal plan and motivational journal, training sessions, motivational activities, cooking classes, anatomy lessons, Yoga classes, success coaching post program, support, enthusiasm, and understanding, all surround by people who are going through the same challenges as you are. You will get personal appointments with nutritionists, personal trainers, beauty therapists, massage therapists, make-up artists and stylists. Find out what’s included on each of our retreat programmes.

You just need to commit your time and, of course, you need to want it bad enough. Better yet, weight loss is guaranteed, i.e. if you do not lose inches, we will give you your money back (conditions apply).

World-class retreat programs

Matching a commitment by you with a guarantee from us

Three weeks, even ten days may seem like a long time to take out of your life to attend a Retreat just for you. The Retreat cost may seem like a lot of money to spend on something just for you. But how long have you wanted this for? How much would you spend on an all-inclusive holiday with similar facilities and offerings? How long have you had this goal? How much money have you spent on diets, fads, exercise equipment that only gathers dust and doesn’t give you the results that you have been longing for?  How much would you pay to look and feel your best? How much would you pay to be proud of your body, enough to go swimming with your kids or friends at the beach in a bikini? How much would you pay for guaranteed weight loss results?

We understand the barriers that a woman may face when deciding to attend a live-in Retreat such as ours, both in terms of the financial commitment and the time it would take out of your busy life. It’s a big deal. That’s why we will match your commitment with a commitment of our own. We are so confident that you will achieve weight loss results on one of our Retreats that we guarantee it. That’s right – if you do not lose inches, we will refund the entire Retreat cost (conditions apply).

Weight loss guarantee

Stay accountable with follow-up support

As part of keeping in touch, sharing the journey, and keeping on track, the Resolution Support Network is a set of private Facebook groups which guests are invited to join for free for online support, inspiration and all the resources from the retreat.

Becoming part of our SQUAD via the Resolution Support Network means you’re part of a supportive online community of other retreat guests who have share similar challenges and celebrations to you. The Resolution Retreats Team is always available on the community, and we post regular advice and motivation, you can ask questions, and keep in touch!

Regular one-on-one coaching and follow up meetings are also available on request.

Encouragement and Support - Joelene and Joanne

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